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Talking of Globalization, one of the few people I have come across who really “get it” is Tetsuya Mori. Mori has spent more than a decade in Silicon Valley and returned to Japan a couple of years ago to head Mitusbishi-UFJ’s new VC fund. 

Here’s a pointer to his investment philosophy: 

Japan’s No. 4 VC Firm Created – Diamond Capital and UFJ Capital merge to create new venture capital firm

October 13, 2005 

Two corporate venture capital arms said Thursday they’ve merged, creating the fourth-largest venture capital firm in
Japan. Diamond Capital, a unit of Mitsubishi Tokyo Financial Group, and UFJ Capital, an arm of UFJ Holdings, combine operations as of October 1 as part of a merger of their corporate parents.   

The newly merged firm, known as Mitsubishi UFJ Capital, has about $500 million in capital under management and the capacity to invest up to $100 million a year. While the firm will focus mainly on the Japanese market, it plans to expand its cross-border operations and look for investment opportunities—especially in the life sciences and information technology industries—in the United States, China, South Korea, and

“Through syndication with globally minded venture capital firms in other geographies and by giving access to our capital, domain expertise, and network, we will assist startups wanting to leverage Japan as a step towards global expansion,” said Toshio Iwasaki, a managing director of the Mitsubishi UFJ Capital. “A mystery in the VC community is that few VCs are willing to invest across borders while technologies and business are increasingly cross-border,” said Mr. Mori. “This has created an interesting void to fill. We fill the void.”

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