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Anti-smoking laws: small step to keeping tech in Europe?

Over the weekend read this interesting post by Robert Scoble, Microsoft’s star blogger: “The challenge for Europe: keeping tech there instead of the valley

The interesting bit was the connection that Scoble made between geeks, smoking and how the “smoking culture” in
Europe turns off geeks. He suggested that if “anti-smoking laws” were to be implemented throughout Europe, it would be “a small step to keeping tech in Europe instead of letting it come to San Francisco.”

Predictably this sparked a series of comments – which I suspect was precisely what Robert was hoping for…makes for interesting reading 

Matthew Aslett’s original report on Matt Asay’s comments at the Open Source Business Conference (which sparked Robert’s own post) had this interesting nugget of information:

“Where a company establishes its headquarters is becoming increasingly arbitrary because of the virtually connected nature of the open source development process.

For example, JBoss founder, Marc Fleury, has admitted that the company ended up being based in
Atlanta, Georgia because that’s where his wife’s family are based.

Apart from the fact that his wife was supporting Fleury while he tried to get the open source middleware company off the ground, there was no real reason why JBoss could not have been headquartered in Fleury’s native France.”

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