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Web 2.0 in Europe…Why is it taking so long?

Seth Levine (VC Adventure) wrote this post about the mania surrounding Web 2.0 about a month ago…I particularly liked his last para where he quotes David Cowan of Bessemer Venture Partners:

I personally don’t buy it (at least for me). But then again, I subscribe to David’s notion that most of this is about luck anyway, so maybe it doesn’t matter which side of the fence you’re on – as long as you’re working with people you like and having fun.  


From the various conversations that I have had, the Web 2.0 fever has yet to cross the pond. I am not sure (a) whether or when it will take off here in Europe (I think Asia will be next) and (b) why is it taking so long.  Two possible explanations (slightly tongue-in-cheek) – the (relatively) “older” web population in Europe and a laid-back attitude towards cutting-edge technologies… Or perhaps it is here already and I am missing it?

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