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A few days ago I came across this somewhat dated (but painstakingly compiled) list of VC Blogs tracked by Christian Mayaud (Sacred Cow Dung). 
One of the things I noticed was it was almost exclusively made up of US VCs…So I decided to do a quick google to see what I could find from European VCs. This is what I found. The list is by no means comprehensive….please email me with the ones that I may have missed…

I also came across Christian Leybold of BV Capital who writes on Blogging VC. In one of his posts, he listed a few other European VC bloggers (in no particular order):

EVCJ ran a story on this back in March 2005.
It listed several European (mainly French) blogs including those written by:

It also listed Frédéric Humbert (a GP with Innovacom) who apparently had a blog on rugby but I could not find it. The noticeable French presence in this list is must partly be a reflection of the high amount of activity in the French blogosphere. Thomas Crampton commented on this in an article in the IHT recently.

I also came across Alarm Clock which reports on technology. It has a category called Euro Ventures. European Tech Wire also had a blog until March of this year but it has been discontinued and the company is now focusing on its core US market.
Frankly, I am (pleasantly) surprised by the list. I was not expecting to go beyond half a dozen names (yes, I know some of the blogs here are not strictly “VC blogs”, but the list is impressive nevertheless). I hope to do the same exercise for Asian VCs in a few weeks’ time.
Part of the reason why there are not many more European VCs blogging may be that we work harder (you didn’t believe this, did you?)…
But seriously, I think part of the reason is unfamiliarity with the Web 2.0 technologies and the impact they are having on traditional media (see e.g. my earlier post on “Web 2.0 in Europe – Why is taking so long?”


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