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A “red-hot” market?

Close on the heels of worries about an over-heating VC market in India, I read this news report about venture capital investments in China doubling over the three month period of Apr – Jun ’06 compared to a year earlier.
Jamie Paton, 3i’s Partner in Hong Kong is quoted in the excerpt as saying that “the report underlines how China’s venture-capital market has continued to mature…”. 
That may be so but it has got to a stage where I find even the most ardent cheerleaders of investment in China sounding words of caution.
Then I came across this link to China Venture Capital Semi Annual Forum. There is now a China Venture Capital Annual Forum, a China Venture Capital Semi Annual Forum and a China Venture Capital Silicon Valley Forum – Signs of an over-heated market or just plain brilliant marketing by Gavin Ni*?!
Gavin Ni* I first met Gavin last year through David Zhang at W I Harper. David simply told me that I must meet this guy who is the most networked person in the Chinese VC scene. He was so right – Gavin is not just very good at what he does, he also exemplifies the new generation of entrepreneurs coming out of China – most of them starting with just an idea and a dream…

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