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5 VCs at Nobu…& not 1 deal done (shame)

Thanks to Jason’s initiative and persistence, we did manage to pull it off…

Getting more than 2 VCs in a one place at the same time is difficult in the best of times…

So getting 6 of us (Jason, Fred, Nic, Paul, Max + me) to agree to come together at one place- almost at the same time…especially when all of us are so incredibly busy (writing blogs, mostly!)…was a heroic feat. Thanks Jason!

Fred wrote a nice post about the evening…and also put a photo of the bar (looks even nicer when inside!)..

We talked about some of the common pains of blogging:
1. (risk of) marital discord…No, I just made it up…
More seriously, (i) creating “rich” posts and (ii) user friendly tools…Jason is going to check out Flock’s 1.0…I will eagerly await his review.

Most importantly, as Fred wrote, “There are not enough entrepreneurs and VC’s participating in this to create really sustained conversations“…

I share that sentiment…and have some ideas around improving the situation…

Watch this space…

November 26th, 2006 Posted by | Miscellaneous, Venture Capital in Europe | 6 comments


  1. You guys get 5 VC bloggers together and you’re complaining?

    I feel so lonely over here with no local fellow VC bloggers to engage in conversations with in person (at least in English).

    I am making a trip to London next week to get my regular dose of English conversation lessons – I’ll try to ping some other members of your newly founded London Chapter of VC bloggers, as I guess you aren’t going to be around.

    Per Fred’s post, I too will try harder to leave comments here and elsewhere…

    I guess I should start blogging about topics more directly related to being a VC at some point, probably from the new year…

    Comment by fukumimi | November 27, 2006

  2. Great post, thanks for enlightening us VC wannabe’s on the network of London VC bloggers. Any chance a wannabe can crash the next set of drinks?

    Comment by Farhan Lalji | November 27, 2006

  3. […] I’m joining Fred and Shantanu in reporting that last Thursday night five of the six London based VC bloggers met in Bar Nobu for a few drinks.  The full list was: […]

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  4. I wish I could come to the next one.
    Nobu was for the france victory in world cup when i was in the industry on the PE side. Lots of good memories.

    Comment by leafar | November 28, 2006

  5. Shin,
    No…I did not mean to complain…it was more tongue-in-cheek 🙂
    You are always welcome to join/ we will include you a a honorary member of the club!

    Farhan > thats not a a decision for me…but as I said in the post, I have some ideas on creating more conversations/discussion around these issues and hope I am able to share those with you all soon. Watch this space.

    Comment by Shantanu | November 28, 2006

  6. Shantanu,

    My comment was also tongue in cheek, I seem to have forgotten the smiley…

    Comment by fukumimi | November 29, 2006

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