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Why US’ lead in innovation is not guaranteed

I first met Susan Leiby back in August at the ASVC Event that we did in Palo Alto.

After the panel, Susan (who is a Senior Consultant at SRI) and I talked about the innovation eco-systems in India and China and how they were evolving…Susan mentioned that SRI was, in fact, conducting a survey to identify the strengths and weaknesses with regards innovation in India and China relative to the United States.

A few weeks ago, Susan sent me the results from the survey and graciously granted me permission to reproduce a couple of slides on this blog.

The slides make for an interesting comparison. The biggest surprise to me was that respondents to the survey* perceived “China and India at or near parity with the U.S. in ‘ICT development,’ ‘quality of human capital’ and ‘government receptivity’ by 2015

…that’s very interesting – especially the point about “quality of human capital”…

There were also several qualitative comments on why the US is vulnerable to loosing its leadership (in tech & innovation). I will mention just two:

“(the US government’s) ill-conceived regulations and protectionism. Examples: U.S. financial markets are losing their attractiveness because of regulations such as Sarbanes-Oxley. Because of telecommunications regulations, the U.S. has become a third-world country for mobile communications and broadband”. (sic)

“(the)… Arrogance and complacency of leadership…not enough emphasis on education; High costs and inability to learn about “developing” countries…”


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* The National Innovation Systems survey was carried out by SRI Consulting Business Intelligence and polled entrepreneurs, VCs, and CTOs or other people directly involved with technology development in India/China.

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