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“All You Can Eat”: Edible Cutlery, Nutritious Spoons

As I wrote in my previous post, the idea that left me most intrigued at the Mind to Market conference (New Delhi, last week) was “cutlery that can be eaten” (not just edible but also “nutritious”!)

While the idea of bio-degradable cutlery has been around for a while, I had not heard anyone talk of edible cutlery until now.

So, last evening I decided to find out more…and this is what I discovered.
The person behind this is Narayana Peesapaty. His “edible cutlery” is made from sorghum flour (“jawar”), comes in two flavors, sweet or namkeen and uses vegetable dyes for different colours!

Narayana’s company plans to sell a packet of 50 edible spoons for about US$1.50 and his future plans include edible wrappers for sandwiches and hamburgers.

I would anyday prefer an edible, nutritious spoon to a greasy, unclean metallic specimen…and I think most of us would make the same choice.

Unhygienic cutlery is behind numerous gastro-intestinal diseases in India and generally causes (or aids the spread of) a range of related diseases. This idea therefore is not only environmentally-friendly but could actually contribute to public health and of course, individual nutrition.

Other side benefits (primarily in the West) include savings in human effort in dealing with (plastic) trash and of course, ease of disposal.
All in all, a brilliant idea and one that neatly encapsulates high-impact innovation.
For the more curious amongst you, here are some slides on the company and press coverage of Narayana’s innovation.  For a brief history of such attempts, read “Have Your Plates and Eat Them Too“.

edible-cutlery.jpg  Update: Just came across Marije Vogelzang’s edible (sugar-based) cutlery mention in VLM Airlines in-flight magazine. Very appetizing picture…  

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  1. HI
    i read about your edible cutlery items today at breakfast morning
    and it got me interested
    more so about saving the environment with plastic cutleries which we have here
    i see a huge business potential here
    i also read about your franchisy options in india

    i want to know more about it
    m in dubai where the demand for such products is huge
    and witht the government backing to stop plastic use
    this is good

    you may contact me on


    looking forward to hear fro you

    Comment by mukesh | August 30, 2008

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