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European VC beats European BuyOuts!

Simon Cook (Esprit) forwarded a couple of interesting insights from the latest EVCA report on European VC and BuyOut returns:

  1. “(on a)…5 year rolling IRRs, Euro Buyout +6.1%, US Buyout +5.4%, Euro VC -3%,US venture -6.7%”…so European VC performance appears better than US although still negative (presumably because of the J curve effect)
  2. “…with a net IRR of 36.5% the venture funds returned BETTER results than the buyout funds at 31.7% on this one-year horizon”…wow! 

I know, I know there is a lot you can quibble about but there is at least some cause to cheer…!

Nic has written a more thoughtful post about this here.

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