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Global talent flows and the “New Argonauts”

Last Thursday (18th Jan), I shared a panel on “The New Argonauts: diasporas and talent flows” with Li Gong, Cong Cao and AnnaLee Saxenian at the “Atlas of Ideas” conference in London.

We briefly talked about the “global flows of talent, and the shift that is underway from ‘brain drain’ to ‘brain circulation’” around the world as skilled immigrants and professionals from Asia return home to start on their own or contribute indirectly to indigenous capability development.

Atlas of Ideas This was followed by a lively Q&A session which spilled over an hour where we debated these views and the impact of these talent flows on innovation in the US and Europe.

Swati Piramal challenged the view that there was little propsect of fundamental innovation happening in India and I mentioned a few bottom-of-pyramid businesses that have the potential to threaten established business models in developed economies (see one of my earlier posts on this topic)

One of the attendees asked a very perceptive question about identities and allegiance of these “new argonauts“…Another asked whether these talent flows can be moderated and whether Governments should consider intervening to influence these flows…

All in all, lots of food for thought…

Here are the slides I shared with the audience before the Q&A.

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