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CleanTech …and some notes from last week at Cleantech:

  • 9% of all VC activity is now in Cleantech – $2bn in 2006!
  • Now the third largest VC category? (just under $3bn?)
  • On AIM 29 cleantech deals last year raised $1.2bn
  • Cleantech city of the year: Frankfurt: 15 clean energy deals raising $2.6bn
  • 20% of the world’s population lack access to clean water today
  • Cleantech is “the greatest economic opportunity of the 21st century” – Ray Lane, ex-Oracle and now GP, Kliener Perkins
  • Europe is a lot more mature about cleantech than US has been
  • Huge capital needs in this space – hampers innovation?
  • Holy Grail of Energy: Storage: How to store it and not loose it
  • AIM/ Frankfurt is seeing all the action…What is the US VC industry doing about rejuvenating NASDAQ/ NYSE and relaxing some of the more onerous regulations…?
  • 51k protests out of 80k protests in China last year were related to environmental pollution
  • 44% of Indian households do not have electricity (I am not sure this is correct – SB)
  • India is the greatest adapter and user of renewable energy in the world (village level/ cow-dung, bio-fuel)
  • What is needed is not so much cutting edge technology but immediately applicable technologies that will help satisfy the basic needs at the rural level of water and electricity
  • There is (today) 1 car for 143 people in India/ 1 car for 1.6 ppl in US and 1 car for every 60 ppl in China
  • China feeds 22% of the world with 7% of arable land; It is also the biggest emitter of SO2 which causes acid rain

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