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Power-hungry China and the thirst for oil…

Liam Halligan writing in the Daily Telegraph shares this piece of jaw-dropping fact in his news-story, “Some electrifying facts about climate change – and how markets can save us” (11th Feb ’07):

“China last year added 102 gigawatts of generating capacity to its electricity network. If you consider that Britain’s total electricity usage is 63 gigawatts, you’ll see why this number knocked my socks off.So the People’s Republic last year increased its power output by more than 1.6 times our entire consumption. And we are the fifth biggest economy in the world….”

Accompanying the story is a graph that I found illuminating. It shows the GDP (on a PPP basis) and oil consumption of US, W Europe, China and other Asia and also shows CO2 emissions per capita.

Power Hungry Click to enlarge. Read the article in full here

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