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Are you an Evangelist?

Someone I met at lunch last week asked me “So, are you an evangelist for Amadeus?”…

Then –  in one of those mysterious coincidences – I picked this up on my feed reader this morning: “Under The Radar: Office 2.0” by David Hornik, which began,

I want to be an evangelist. That seems like a great job. Your job description goes something like “run around and talk about what great stuff you do.” Sometimes you get to evangelize to big companies. Sometimes you get to evangelize to startups. And lots of the time, like me, you find yourself on the conference circuit, where there is critical mass of people to be evangelized.

Why this focus on evangelism? I was just looking at the list of panelists for the Under The Radar: Office 2.0 conference coming up next Friday and the first panelist listed is “Jeff Barr, Evangelist, Amazon Web Services.” Jeff is a great guy — needless to say, I’ve bumped into him at conferences. I similarly first got to know Robert Scoble on the conference circuit when he was still a tech evangelist and pontificating for a living (But that’s a big company thing. Now that he’s at PodTech, he has to do some work for a living.) Perhaps the best known evangelist was Apple’s Mac Evangelist, Guy Kawasaki. Now, best I can tell, Guy is an evangelist for Guy. But he’s damn good at it…”

Now, although I do sometimes speak at panels and conferences,  that is not what I do for a living…and neither am I in the league of Guy Kawasaki (or Robert Scoble, for that matter).

I agree with David though, “it seems like a great job”!


* By the way, Jeff Barr (the Amazon evangelist) has two incredible posts on presenting in Second Life – to be more precise, “virtually” presenting in Second Life which made my jaw drop: here and here

March 26th, 2007 Posted by | Miscellaneous | 5 comments


  1. Being and evangalist is not all that cracked up. You get to almost meet with skeptics and answer questions for the 101 term paper.

    Comment by Mukund Mohan | March 26, 2007

  2. Shantanu: Somehow everybody who thinks ‘evangelism’ thinks of Guy Kawasaki. And he has posted on the topic in the past:

    Thought you would like to see this. Thanks.

    Comment by Shefaly Yogendra | March 26, 2007

  3. Lol, Mukund! good comment…

    Shefaly: thanks for the link…no wonder Guy Kawasaki is first on everyone’s mind…

    Comment by Shantanu Bhagwat | March 27, 2007

  4. Hi Shantanu, thanks for the kind words and for the links. If anyone would like to learn more about what my job entails, check out a post I wrote last year at .

    Comment by Jeff Barr | April 3, 2007

  5. Thanks for the link Jeff…I will check it out..

    Comment by Shantanu | April 3, 2007

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