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Its NOT always about the numbers…

In my last post, I mentioned about how overseas VC investments in China have now out-paced US VC investments in UK.

That however was only part of the story…

In one of its March print editions, Red Herring published “Europe’s Next Wave”  which showed that in spite of the rush to China and India, innovation, VC money and deals are thriving in Europe like never before.

The article mentioned the recent research by INSEAD towards creating a “global innovation index” which “identified five European countries in the top 10—the U.K., France, Germany, Switzerland, and the Netherlands—and 11 in the top 20″.

global-innovation-index.gif Anne was quoted in the article as saying, “Deals are getting larger and more like U.S. deals finally, and that is giving European entrepreneurs a better chance of winning in the global game” and Hermann mentioned: “The deal flow is better than I ever dreamed of”.

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