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Last Thursday (26th Apr) evening, I spent a very enjoyable few hours at my old school at the TiE Mentoring Event where I shared a panel with Janvi, Conor and Uday.

We spoke about our background and mentoring experiences followed by Q&A. Shai Vyakarnam  asked whether VCs really took risks (I said, of course they do – but calculated risks!).

Davinder asked if entrepreneurship had anything to do with age and/or gender – in response to which Uday referred to a fascinating study by GEM that suggests Latin Amertican women have the highest prevalance rates of early stage entrepreneurial activity (Colombia, Peru, Jamaica) globally – amazing!

TiE is a great forum for budding entrepreneurs to network and meet some very interesting people – and hopefully get some useful advice. I cannot recommend it enough – especially for someone who is just starting to think about running his/her own business…and its Mentoring Prigramme is probably one of the most valuable service it offers – best of all, it is free.

And while on entrepreneurship, some of you may find this category of posts interesting/ relevant: “FAQs for Entrepreneurs“.

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