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On “The Funded” and putting a mirror to one’s face*…

I was going to check out The Funded* today but discovered that Jason has beaten me to it!

The site does not have many European funds but does briefly mention London Seed Capital, Atlas and Index – sadly nothing on Amadeus.

I have nothing to add to what Jason has written except to re-emphasise the following (this is for entrepreneurs and start-ups):

If you’ve dealt with (and preferably received funds from) a VC, I would recommend you post your experience on The Funded.

As for me, I will try and see if we can get a nice entry for Amadeus 🙂


P.S. Thanks to Barak for a great title and to Loken for the link (in response to my earlier post

May 8th, 2007 Posted by | FAQs for Entrepreneurs, Venture Capital, Venture Capital in Europe, What VCs really do | 2 comments


  1. Shantanu: going by the comments Jason shares, I think no-comment must be preferable to some-comment. Also I notice you say you would like to try to get a nice one on Amadeus. Is it not the point that the comment is unsolicited and unprompted? :-/

    Comment by Shefaly Yogendra | May 8, 2007

  2. Good point, Shefaly…I was only half serious 🙂

    Comment by Shantanu Bhagwat | May 8, 2007

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