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Content: Now “officially” free

I have long believed that it would become increasingly difficult to charge for content and there was only direction in which this was headed: all content (well, almost) becoming “officially” free.

Two recent developments look like nails being driven into the coffin of paid-for content:

1. Beta testing begins for Hulu and

2. How Radiohead killed the record labels 

Many of you must have also read about Prince’s giveaway and FT’s about-turn 

…and at least some of you would find this interesting:  Why Newspapers Are Screwed

Thoughts & comments welcome…as always.

P.S. The alert amongst you must have noticed that I have switched AdSense off – more on that later.

October 31st, 2007 Posted by | Media, Technology & Innovation | 2 comments


  1. Shantanu: While I agree with the trend in newspapers and print media in general, the record industry economics is very different, and a challenge to the intermediary’s role and value made possible immensely by the rapid growth of the web.

    I wrote about this (Radiohead thing) about 4 weeks ago. It may interest you:


    Comment by Shefaly Yogendra | October 31, 2007

  2. Shantanu:

    Content can really hold a lot of things hostage – profits included.

    See ongoing saga in Hollywood and I think the demand is legitimate:

    Comment by Shefaly Yogendra | November 1, 2007

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