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Double Take

Saw this headline when I woke up today morning:

GPs ‘paid more for working less’

Of course it was referring to some lesser mortals*…

Although some of the points made in the news-story appear to have an eerie similarity…e.g.:

…It also pointed out that pay for…partners had shot up by 58%……although much smaller rises had been seen for (put your own words here)…

…This happened over a period when GPs started working fewer hours – 36.3 a week compared to 43.1 in the 1990s – and productivity fell…

…Much of the criticism in this report is based on an out-of-date understanding of the current situation…


But here is some seriously sobering news, courtesy GigaOm, “…Silicon Valley Is in Trouble

…Sequoia Capital, arguably the smartest venture capital investor in business, is sounding the alarm and asking its portfolio companies to buckle down for what could be the worst economic downturn of their relatively short lives.

…They want the companies to cut costs, to figure out way to survive and emerge at the other end of this downturn, which could last years. The speakers went through each functional area of the business and told the companies how to cut costs.

…Folks this is bad news for Silicon Valley, which has been living in a bubble, assuming that it is going to weather the global economic storm without being impacted. Sequoia had a similar meeting back before the last bubble unraveled. We know how that turned out.


* With tongue-firmly-in-cheek

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