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Notes from the China VC_PE event

At the second China VC & PE Eventin London last week, Ozaki-san of NIkko AntFactory presented some striking data about Japanese and Chinese demographics. I am trying to get hold of the slides and will upload them here. China is already Japan’s largest trading partner (both exports and imports) while for China, Japan was its #1 trading partner but is now at #3 (behind EU and USA). 

He also mentioned how China is getting “expensive” (Uniqlo, the Japanese clothes maker has already moved half of its production facilities out of China) and “rich” (# of plasma TV sets sold are already more than Japan).

Some more quick notes:

  • JVs are hard to execute in China (Alexia)
  • Deals are getting more realistically valued (Fernando)
  • JV model of creating a China Fund may not be the best approach…Easier option is to buy an existing management company (a la Sequoia, KPCB)
  • Direct transplantation of deals may not work

Quote of the Day: “…The “Pioneers” are the ones with the arrows in the back…” (Courtesy Charles) 

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