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Notes from Emerging Markets Seminar @ Imperial

Some notes from the “Emerging Markets” seminar on opportunities and challenges for entrepreneurs (part of the IED Best Practice encounters series) at which I shared a panel with Prof. Gerry Geirge and Prof. Chris Toumazou:

  • For the UK, India is now as important as China; Exports to China are £5.2bn vs £4.1bn for India
  • There appears to be a significant correlation between “relative inequality” and entrepreneurship i.e. higher relative inequality leads to higher entrepreneurship (- as in the case of US perhaps?)
  • Education in general (esp. tertiary education) is a big opportunity in India (I’m glad about my latest angel investment!)
  • Chris mentioned how the future of healthcare and medicine is personalised drugs and disposable technology
  • I made some deliberately provocative statements; the main one being “Why this century might be India’s century”; Mentioned India’s 3-D Advantage
  • Gerry shared some very interesting slides on R&D linkages between Indian institutions and their international counterparts; I hope these slides are up on the website soon
  • I also liked Gerry’s slide about FDI as % of GDP that showed a sustained increase in FDI into India (vs. a reduction in FDI in China). When you couple this fact with the growth in GDP in India, you realise the dramatic impact that this flood of money had between 2006 – 2009

I shared a couple of slides (see below) as a preface to my observations:

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  1. Hey Shantanu,
    Hope you are doing well. Been a long time since I stopped by at your Blog and I can see you have been very active! 🙂
    Elements Akademia is an extremely interesting space, and an idea whose time is long overdue!
    Just as an update, I now head Brand Marketing for Manipal Education, India’s largest Education services company. A part of what we do also extends into the Skills training space. We run an extremely successful probationary officers training course along with ICICI titled ICICI Manipal Academy. Ditto in the insurance space. We have a couple of offerings with both ICICI as well as HDFC.

    Comment by Pratibha | June 30, 2009

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