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The Hockey Stick Effect and getting to $50m

Christian Chabot has a timely – and sobering reminder on IPO Dashboards re. how long it takes for a start-up to achieve meaningful revenues at scale (Hat Tip: Guy Kawasaki).

As he says:

…growth conversations between VCs and management teams often cause angst. One of the reasons is that people from both groups tend to have unsubstantiated beliefs about how long it takes to build an important company.

Maybe these conversations would be easier if we simply knew how long it takes to build a successful company?

He has the answer…in this amazigng chart that I have reproduced below:

data visualization by tableau public
Christian reminds us that Microsoft and Oracle – two of the most valuable companies ever founded, in any industry, in any country took 8 and 10 years respectively, to reach $50m in sales.

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