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Social Entrepreneurship Panel Discussion @ Imperial…

Looking forward to a panel discussion on social entrepreneurship at Imperial next month.

After the period of financial turmoil of last few years, there is increasing awareness today that businesses that are solely motivated by bottom line and pure financial profit may be less beneficial for society at large as compared to those who measure their contribution in other ways as well. Many businesses and entrepreneurs now incorporate social costs in their financial decisions. And more companies than ever before are engaged in a serious effort to define and integrate corporate social responsibility into all aspects of their businesses. Whether such companies will eventually outperform those that disregard such measures is something only time will tell.

In this session we will discuss the impact of social strategies on the growth and success of companies.

I will be joined by Susannah Nicklin, CFA, UK Liason, GIIN, Sinead Brophy, CEO, My Support Broker CIC, and Director, The SBC Partnership and Daniel Becerra, Managing Director, Buffulo Grid..

Stay tuned for more…and for further¬†information, please contact¬†

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