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Top 10 Solutions to Climate Change

From “A new book ranks the top 100 solutions to climate change. The results are surprising.”

sitting atop the list, with an impact that dwarfs any single energy source: refrigerant management. (Don’t hear much about that, do you? Here’s a great Brad Plumer piece on it.)

Both reduced food waste and plant-rich diets, on their own, beat solar farms and rooftop solar combined.

So all these models we see in the popular press, the ones that hit, for example, 80 percent carbon reductions by 2050 — none of those actually reach drawdown?

 Paul Hawken: None…

And not only that, they’re about energy — they’re all energy models. There’s an assumption that if you get 100 percent renewable [energy], you basically have a hall pass to the 22nd century. That’s simply not true. It’s a scientific howler. It’s extremely important that we [get to 100 percent renewables], but to put all of it on energy …

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  1. Somewhat related: Courtesy NYTimes this striking graphic of CO2 emissions by US, EU, China, India and the rest…

    Comment by Shantanu Bhagwat | June 2, 2017

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