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ChIndia Rising – Panel Discussion

Just a placeholder/note to myself to transcribe my notes/points from the panel discussion at “ChIndia Rising“, Cass Business School last month. I hope to get around to doing this in the next few days.


Will the Rising Tide Lift All Boats?

Here the panel will explore in an interactive Q&A session the challenge to the developed world, how to participate in Chindian Growth, the investment challenge, the legal challenge and how to create new opportunities

Panel to include:

Professor Jaideep Prabhu
Professor Bradley Barnes
Manoj Ladwa
Shantanu Bhagwat

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Notes from Emerging Markets Seminar @ Imperial

Some notes from the “Emerging Markets” seminar on opportunities and challenges for entrepreneurs (part of the IED Best Practice encounters series) at which I shared a panel with Prof. Gerry Geirge and Prof. Chris Toumazou:

  • For the UK, India is now as important as China; Exports to China are £5.2bn vs £4.1bn for India
  • There appears to be a significant correlation between “relative inequality” and entrepreneurship i.e. higher relative inequality leads to higher entrepreneurship (- as in the case of US perhaps?)
  • Education in general (esp. tertiary education) is a big opportunity in India (I’m glad about my latest angel investment!)
  • Chris mentioned how the future of healthcare and medicine is personalised drugs and disposable technology
  • I made some deliberately provocative statements; the main one being “Why this century might be India’s century”; Mentioned India’s 3-D Advantage
  • Gerry shared some very interesting slides on R&D linkages between Indian institutions and their international counterparts; I hope these slides are up on the website soon
  • I also liked Gerry’s slide about FDI as % of GDP that showed a sustained increase in FDI into India (vs. a reduction in FDI in China). When you couple this fact with the growth in GDP in India, you realise the dramatic impact that this flood of money had between 2006 – 2009

I shared a couple of slides (see below) as a preface to my observations:

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Feeling the chill in Goa

Just back from an exhausting and intense 10-day visit to India, part of which was taken up by the Capvent VC/PE Conference in Goa.

I shared a panel on “New Media” with Rajesh Sawhney of Reliance Entertainment and Harel Beit-On of Viola Private Equity…and talked briefly about Enqii and an Indian start-up that I am very enthused about (it takes Out-of-Home advertising to a new level – leveraging the ubiquitous cycle rickshaws that you see across large parts of India – more on them later)

Interesting conversations on the sidelines and during the panels…but the “chill” in Private Equity was unmistakable – even as Goa seared at 33 degrees…

India seems to be holding up better though…and the sentiment is mildly optimistic…not least because of a rebounding stock market that has jumped 40% in the last three months – as it recovers from its multi-year lows.

I also concluded my latest personal investment – in an Indian start-up which I believe is very attractively positioned in the education sector in India.  It is called Elements Akademia…Check them out.

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Summary notes from Digital Business India

Earlier this week, I chaired a panel discussion in London at Digital Business India.

Some key points that emerged from the various discussions were:

  • Huge opportunity emerging in digital media/ digital business (probably the fastest growing market globally)
  • Specific sectors of interest include education, animation, production, advertising & branding services
  • Doing business is not easy and challenges remain
  • Very attractive opportunity to leverage the large (and rapidly growing) mobile user base*

I hope to add more flavour to these notes later on…

* India added about 15million new mobile subscribers in Jan ’09.

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Notes from the China VC_PE event

At the second China VC & PE Eventin London last week, Ozaki-san of NIkko AntFactory presented some striking data about Japanese and Chinese demographics. I am trying to get hold of the slides and will upload them here. China is already Japan’s largest trading partner (both exports and imports) while for China, Japan was its #1 trading partner but is now at #3 (behind EU and USA). 

He also mentioned how China is getting “expensive” (Uniqlo, the Japanese clothes maker has already moved half of its production facilities out of China) and “rich” (# of plasma TV sets sold are already more than Japan).

Some more quick notes:

  • JVs are hard to execute in China (Alexia)
  • Deals are getting more realistically valued (Fernando)
  • JV model of creating a China Fund may not be the best approach…Easier option is to buy an existing management company (a la Sequoia, KPCB)
  • Direct transplantation of deals may not work

Quote of the Day: “…The “Pioneers” are the ones with the arrows in the back…” (Courtesy Charles) 

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Amidst the global downturn, China continues to amaze…

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Amidst the global downturn, China continues to amaze…

From an email I received y’day:

According to Zero2IPO Research Center statistics, a total of 29 domestic and foreign VC firms established 40 funds during Q2‘08. This figure represents US$3.02B of capital available for investing in Mainland China marking a record high for a single quarter.

Additionally, 159 Chinese entrepreneurial firms receiving venture capital disclosed investment totaling US$1.20B. In comparison with the same period last year, the number of deals and the disclosed investment amount increased 31.4% and 73.5% respectively.

Keeping up with the “booming…China investment market”, Zero2IPO is organizing its second China VC & PE Event in London next month. Try and be there.

I will be speaking just after the tea break on investment opportunities for European investors in China.

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