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A nice article and a great piece of news

First the great piece of news: Elements Akademia got included in Gen Next India’s Hottest Start-ups (just 16 companies!):

Gen. Next India's Hottest Start-ups 002

Click here to read Elements’ story

…and here is the article (strong words but very thought-provoking): How I Judge Investors.


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Characteristics of Great Investors

Chanced upon this great post by Matt Blumberg on “10 Characteristics of Great Investors“.

Should be read by ALL investors, I think.

I am listing my favourite five of the ten characteristics below:

  • Great investors know how to give strategic advice without being in the operating weeds of a company
  • Great investors get to know whole management teams, not just CEOs
  • Great investors invite you to do diligence on them by giving you a list of every CEO they’ve ever worked with and asking you to pick the ones you want to talk to
  • Great investors ask great questions
  • Great investors don’t publicly take credit for the success of their investments, even if they were major drivers of that success

Thanks Matt.

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In case you are wondering what I did on Valentine’s eve…

I was here…talking to a bunch of bright people and listening to some great ideas…


Could anything have been more exciting?!


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On “The Funded” and putting a mirror to one’s face*…

I was going to check out The Funded* today but discovered that Jason has beaten me to it!

The site does not have many European funds but does briefly mention London Seed Capital, Atlas and Index – sadly nothing on Amadeus.

I have nothing to add to what Jason has written except to re-emphasise the following (this is for entrepreneurs and start-ups):

If you’ve dealt with (and preferably received funds from) a VC, I would recommend you post your experience on The Funded.

As for me, I will try and see if we can get a nice entry for Amadeus 🙂


P.S. Thanks to Barak for a great title and to Loken for the link (in response to my earlier post

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Everything you need to know about Venture Capital…

Ben Holmes of Index Ventures recently gave a presentation at the FOWA Conference in London which builds a neat story around “Everything you need to know about Venture Capital“…

The slides are up on slideshare – worth viewing.

Saul Klein and Fred Destin have also blogged about this.

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More questions than you can think of!

In my continuing series of FAQs for Entrepreneurs, I came across this gem…fellow blogger Ventureblogalist‘s wiki titiled VC101 with some great links on various VC and Entrepreneurship related topics here  (Hat Tip: Max)

Two of my favourites:

Microsoft will acquire my company” and “VC Primer from an Entrepreneurs’s POV” 

On James Quist has a nice story with some guidelines on bootstrapping and raising capital. As he says:

During our journey, we identified three important guidelines for successfully bootstrapping a company.

Guideline #1: Before starting a business and taking capital, validate your products with real customer pain

Guideline #2: Bootstrap for the right reasons, raise capital for the right reasons

Guideline #3: When you decide to raise capital, find good partners to help grow your business major shareholder.

Another nice one: A basic (and simply explained) introduction to venture capital by Tom Smith, Partner at Mid-Atlantic Venture Funds…and finally, Rodi Guidero of VantagePoint has a nice list of FAQs on’s site:

Meanwhile, Rhiannon Evans, who runs TiE’s Mentoring programme has very kindly linked this category on the TiE Members Page…Thanks Rhiannon…

Comments welcome, as always (especially from any entrepreneurs out there).

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