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FinSum @ Tokyo, Sept ’16

Great to have been at FinSum in Tokyo last week…The energy and excitement was palpable! I participated in a panel that Sheel moderated + led a session on FinTech in Development…

Here are the slides and an artist’s visualization of my talk (it’s flattering!):


Will try and share notes soon…


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Building Teams – Pitfalls and Roadblocks

Presented some slides on building teams to a room-full of very keen and enthusiastic audience at the TiE Institute session last week at London Business School on “Leading High Performance Teams“..

I tremendously enjoyed Adam’s slides and his exercises…Will share my own slides on this post later…

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Presentation on VC activity in India at London

Shared some slides at the India Investment Opportunities Forum in London yesterday. 

I also talked about some of my investments (Myntra, Innoviti and ElementsAkademia) in India.

It was a good interactive session. I felt the mood is turning upbeat (although less so here in London and in the US).

More on this later.

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Notes from Emerging Markets Seminar @ Imperial

Some notes from the “Emerging Markets” seminar on opportunities and challenges for entrepreneurs (part of the IED Best Practice encounters series) at which I shared a panel with Prof. Gerry Geirge and Prof. Chris Toumazou:

  • For the UK, India is now as important as China; Exports to China are £5.2bn vs £4.1bn for India
  • There appears to be a significant correlation between “relative inequality” and entrepreneurship i.e. higher relative inequality leads to higher entrepreneurship (- as in the case of US perhaps?)
  • Education in general (esp. tertiary education) is a big opportunity in India (I’m glad about my latest angel investment!)
  • Chris mentioned how the future of healthcare and medicine is personalised drugs and disposable technology
  • I made some deliberately provocative statements; the main one being “Why this century might be India’s century”; Mentioned India’s 3-D Advantage
  • Gerry shared some very interesting slides on R&D linkages between Indian institutions and their international counterparts; I hope these slides are up on the website soon
  • I also liked Gerry’s slide about FDI as % of GDP that showed a sustained increase in FDI into India (vs. a reduction in FDI in China). When you couple this fact with the growth in GDP in India, you realise the dramatic impact that this flood of money had between 2006 – 2009

I shared a couple of slides (see below) as a preface to my observations:

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In case you are wondering what I did on Valentine’s eve…

I was here…talking to a bunch of bright people and listening to some great ideas…


Could anything have been more exciting?!


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Why Asia, Why Now?…

Last Thursday, I made a brief presentation at the InvestorNet ICT Round Table in Copenhagen on “Why Asia and Why now?”.

The audience was a mix of European VCs (primarily from Scandinavia) and the discussion centred on what is happening in Asia and how that affects Europe’s lead in innovation and competitive edge…You can see the slides here 

The failing Incubator model…?
At the same event in the afternoon, I heard a very interesting talk by Sam K Steffensen of 5te – an incubator situated in the IT University in Copenhagen. Sam was refreshingly direct and deliberately provocative…He said that the traditional incubation model is not working and people (and policy-makers) have not woken up to the possibilities (and the reality) of an inter-connected world…

Sam went on to criticise the environment for innovation in Europe and said that if you are a start-up, it does not help to be in Europe…(I almost had a sense of deja-vu: “No longer catching up with Silicon Valley…“)

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